Problems easily encountered in plastic molding mold processing


Plastic molding molds are used to produce large quantity injection parts with the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, less cutting, saving energy and raw materials, low cost, etc. However, because of the complex processing of plastic molding molds, many problems will be encountered, and the content of this chapter will introduce the problems easily encountered in the processing of plastic molding molds. 1. Huge size and weight How to cope with the huge size and weight of itself is a big challenge for the plastic molding mold processing factory when processing the plastic molding molds with great volume. The processing of large plastic molding molds often requires a lot of labor, special equipment and multiple set-ups, and the processing accuracy of plastic molding molds is difficult to guarantee due to various potential factors. 2. Expensive purchase cost The cost directly related to the processing and production of various large plastic molding molds is the cost of professional processing equipment. Machine tools that can make large plastic molding molds are very expensive, especially for arranging complex processing processes that require the use of many machine tools to complete the entire process from roughing to finishing. Such a high upfront investment cost is also an obstacle for many companies to enter this market. From here we can see that if we can realize the rough and finish machining of large modulus on suitable machine tools, or even just debug a clamping, then many problems will be solved and the accuracy of plastic molding mold processing can be guaranteed.

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Note on polishing of export injection moulds


The mechanical polishing of export injection moulds is a very meticulous manual work, so the technology of export injection mould polishing is still the main reason that affects the quality of mould polishing today. In addition, it is also related to the export injection mold material, surface condition before polishing and heat treatment process. High-quality mold steel is a prerequisite for good polishing quality, if the mold steel surface hardness is not uniform or performance differences, various inclusions and porosity in the mold steel is also not conducive to polishing, even experienced teachers polishing out the effect is not good. Export injection mold steel of different hardness throw out the effect is not the same, mold steel hardness although grinding difficulty increases, polishing time consumption, but the roughness will be reduced after polishing, the polishing effect obtained better. At the same time, the hardness increases, the possibility of surface differences caused by excessive polishing is also reduced accordingly. Export injection mold pre-processing process also has a certain impact on polishing, in the process of cutting mold steel, the surface layer will be damaged by heat, internal stress and other factors, cutting must ensure that the speed and feed rate is relatively uniform, in order not to affect the export mold polishing effect. EDM processing surface than ordinary cutting class processing or heat treatment of the surface will be more difficult to polish, so before the completion of EDM processing, EDM trimming should be carried out, otherwise a hardened layer will be formed. If the selection standard is not appropriate, the depth of the burned hardened layer can be up to 0.4mm. the hardened layer of hardness to be higher than the steel body, to remove it as much as possible, to lay a good foundation for the subsequent polishing process.

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What are the factors that affect the size of injection molded products?


The temperature and pressure variations of plastic injection molding have a great impact on the dimensional accuracy of plastic products, and are also influenced by the time of use and the environment. Therefore, in order to process products with high precision, we must first understand what factors affect the size of injection molded products. I: What are the factors that affect the size of injection molded products? 1) Restricted by the fluidity of plastic raw materials. Under certain equipment and injection molding process conditions, the plastic with good fluidity can be molded into larger size plastic parts; on the contrary, the plastic with little fluidity can be molded into smaller size plastic parts. (2) The size of injection molded products is also limited by the injection molding equipment. The size of injection molded plastic parts is limited by the injection volume, clamping force and template size of the injection machine; the size of compression and pressure injection molded plastic parts is limited by the z-large pressure of the press and the z-large size of the press working table. Two: What are the factors that produce the instability of the size of plastic parts? 1) Unstable electrical and hydraulic systems of injection machines; 2) Unstable amount of material addition; 3) Uneven plastic particles and unstable shrinkage rate; 4) changes in injection molding conditions (temperature, pressure, time) and inconsistent molding cycles; (5) Injection mold gate is too small, inconsistent size of multi-cavity inlet, unbalanced feeding; (6) bad precision of the injection mold, unstable movement of moving parts and inaccurate positioning.

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